Flower Collections

Here is a list of flower collections that I offer in my stores.
Some of these names were given to these pretty roses by my friends and fans on Facebook! 
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If you see names (example) under a flower collection 
that is the person who is credited for naming that collection.

Flower Color Collections
(Adrienne Rivera)
 Autumn Spice
 Autumn Sunset 
(Sandra Evans)
 Beach  House 
 Beach Bum
 Blown Glass
 Blushing Bride
(Chai Evans)
 Board Walk
 Bubble Gum
 Champagne Mist
(Molli Frey)
 Christmas Stocking
 Coffee and Cream
(Kristy Ashe)
 Coral Reef
(Dana Michel)
 Country Charm
(Michelle Hardy)
 Country Kitchen
 Cowgirl Dreams
(Andrea Morris)
 Cranberry Crunch
(Carrie Warren)
 English Garden
(Margaret Schraub)
 Farm Life
(Cristol Hobbs)
 Gentle Rain
 Ginger Spice
(Patti Ward)
 Green Bay
 Harvest Garden
(Faith Freeman)
 Maze of Hazel
(Donna Welch)
 Mint Condition
(Tracy O'Brien)
(Emily Lanham)
 Peach Cobbler
(Angela Holt)
 Pink Delight
 Pink Hibiscus
 Pink Lemonade
 Playful Princess
 Pumpkin Patch
 Rose Garden
 Rustic Charm
(Pamela Smith)
 Saltwater Taffy
(Dawn Ward)
 Sea Foam
 Shades of Yellow
 Strawberry Wine
(Kathy Johnson)
 Summer Blush
(Angelica Macias)
 Summer Fun
 Summer Suite