Monday, January 5, 2009

Blogger Here I Come.....!!

Well, this is my first time really blogging about myself...LOL I got my page set up and wanted to edit the layout. WOW, what fun I had doing that. I spent almost a full day playing around with the layout and customizing it. Now that I'm here there is no turning back. I think this is a start of a wonderful thing..hehehe.... :~P

Well, I posted a few things this afternoon on Ebay. It felt like forever since I posted anything for auction. I blink and time flies. I'm trying my hardest to build my inventory. I think I'm juggling too many things but it will all work out in due time. Life happens..right? There isn't anything we can do to change that! I feel good about the coming new year. I feel 2008 was a test run for selling my creations. My goal is to have's the only thing that people can't take from you!


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