Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mary's Birthday Card

My best friend Mary is having her 30th birthday next weekend. She is always saying "you have to make me one of those....", so I thought she would enjoy a hand made card for her birthday. I started out with these items. I did a lot of shading to the flower. I shaded the petals with soft red and green chalk to bring out the colors in the picture. I didn't use the button shown at the top with the supplies. It was just too big and didn't look right after I finished putting the flower together.The picture of the fairy, I added glitter on the roses and on a few lines of her wings. The picture doesn't show the glitter that well. I think I could of done a better job on the red flowers. They are so small and I didn't have anything to fit in the middle so I just shaded in the middle. You might not be able to tell but there is lace behide the picture of the fairy. It's a very nice touch. It was a bright cream color but I ran my brown ink pad across it and it looks vintage. I like the look of vintage. I can't seem to break away from the vintage. I do when I make my embellishments but I really enjoy making the vintage ones. I had to put glitter on the flower because one thing mary loves the most and that is anything that glitters!! It probably took me almost two hours to finish this card. I was playing with so many elements and rearranging items, that's why it took longer on this one.

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