Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My new flower sprays!

Hello everyone,

I have been at it again! Playing around with paper. I just love sitting at my little space on my table and seeing what I can come up with next! Well, I came up with some flower sprays. I have put some heavy time into to creating these flower sprays. Every flower and leaf on this spray has been handmade by me! They are all made out of paper. Each petal and leaf have been hand embossed and shaded with ink. Some would call it an embellishment and I call it a piece of art. I think I have found my favorite thing to do with paper well...as of this very moment. You can never tell what I might come up with next! I sell these flower sprays. I will have them on my blog soon for you to purchase. Right now, the large sprays are priced at $9.99 + $1.55 for shipping. If you buy two or more there will be no charge for shipping! If you are interested in me making a custom one for you please contact me. My contact info is at the top of the blog.


  1. It just depends on what I have put on them. The red one was for jules thanking her for the inspiration. I just listed a pink one on ebay. I started the auction at $6.99 but I have a buy it now for $8.99. I will be puttin gsome buy it now buttons on my blog today.

  2. Beautiful flowers, congratulations you're talented!!