Monday, December 13, 2010

Good morning snowy monday....

I woke up to small little flakes falling from the sky this morning. It was so much better to see the snow than the rain we had all day long on Sunday. It has now been snowing a lot harder and the snow flakes are huge. I had gotten me into the spirit of things. Some things I was working on over the weekend are: new flowers, making homemade glimmer mist, finishing up layouts for family, playing scrabble. :)

I as making some new flowers that have stems on them so that people can use them in other ways. These flowers you can place in a vase, stick in foam, make a bouquet, wrap on pencils and so on....
I finally have made homemade glimmer mist. Thank goodness. I was going through a lot of the glimmer mist and that adds up after awhile. I actually like mine much better because I can control the color and shimmer I want in my mist.
I have been working on this Scrapbook for a family member and it is really coming out very pretty! I can't wait until she sees it! I'm super excited and I get to play around with a lot of my new flowers on these layouts too!
The family and I played Scrabbled this weekend. It was so much fun laughing about the words we tried so hard to use! It was very nice killing Darin (my honey) in a game of Scrabble too :)

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