Friday, July 1, 2011

My new sneak peek into some thing new!

OK, so last night I showed you all that wonderful fabric tag I created.
Here it is again if you missed it:

I told you all that it was going on some thing much bigger right?! Well, my project for it is a fabric album. This will be one of my online workshops that I will be adding soon! In this workshop we will be creating a fabric album by using so many different techniques to make it very special. I have told you all before I love all different types of hobbies and now I am getting ready to show you a lot of them in this fabric album. This album will be more of a fabric journal. This is going to be so much fun!

On this album I used a lot of items from "Ooh La La Vintage Treasures"

On this page of the fabric journal I used burlap. decorative cardstock, and that wonderful bird you see there is from a napkin!

I used a glimmer mist technique for the edge of my album also to give it a unique look. These wonderful trims added so much character to this page.

I made these wonderful flowers out of old\book pages that I got from "Ooh La La Vintage Treasures".
I show you how to make these in this class as well! Well will be creating several sprays like this in this workshop!

In this workshop get ready to explore different types of mediums, techniques and materials to create a beautiful journal to cherish! I hope to have this workshop posted soon.
Keep checking back for more information on upcoming workshops!


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