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MPTS' April Bride of the Month

  MPTS April Bride of the Month
    Meet Jordan


Meet Jordan, a lovely bride we created a custom package for in September of last year. Jordan's colors, flowers, and overall wedding choices were perfect for the natural setting of her big day! We were so honored to be trusted with creating one of the most important aspects of a wedding for Jordan! Her journey from meeting her groom to making the greatest of commitments on her wedding day was truly the classic American love story. We know it will melt your heart, just as it did ours. 

Though Jordan and Clark had met prior to their fateful encounter in 2009, the sparks that flew were newfound. They ran into each other again in their hometown of Gouverner, New York on the basketball court of a local pickup league. Jordan fondly remembers Clark's basketball skills as not being NBA worthy, but when he stepped off the court, his manners and chivalrous nature got her attention in a big way. She describes him as being the ultimate gentlemen, just as sweet in nature today as he was back then. For their first date they went to the movies, and although she describes the film as having been horrible and completely off par for what their own relationship would become, she remembers Clark's kind personality shining through. 

Clark proposed to Jordan one week after she returned from a family trip to the Bahamas! The time without Jordan around was proof to Clark of just how much he enjoyed spending his life with her. It was time to cement their love into the span of forever! Though neither of the sweet couple are great at keeping secrets or presents a surprise, Jordan was just that when she came home to find Clark standing at the top of the stairs, on one knee. Clark had turned on their song, Unthought Known by Pearl Jam, to set the mood to pop that all important question. 

On September 28th of 2013, Jordan and Clark were wed at their lakeside home on Sylvia Lake in New York. Jordan and her bridesmaids were thrilled and relaxed, beginning the day with a little jump for joy!

                        Jordan had gifts waiting for her bridesmaids when the festivities began! 

The ceremony was small with friends and family, intimate and sweet in nature. Pictured below is the bridal party at the beautiful lakeside setting. 

Jordan's flowers were done in shades of yellow and grey. The bouquets themselves were bright and sunny with a hint of grey that cooled the intensity of the yellows to give a mellow, fall sunlight feel. 

Her gown was a soft white with a touch of silver around her waist, complimenting her delicate shape!

With the glorious shades of nature's own yellows on display all around them, the setting was truly perfect, and on accident matched exactly. It was one of those days that you couldn't have planned more perfectly, everything just fell exactly into place, just like Jordan and Clark's own Americana romance. 

With a kiss, the two were transformed into one, forever and always. No two sweeter people had ever been brought together before! Our flowers stood witness to the joining of two lives, decorated the melting of two hearts together as one, and symbolized the soft warmth of the love felt between Jordan and Clark.

Following the ceremony, the celebration moved to another location at Fort Drum Commons, in Fort Drum, New York. 

Mason jars and flip-flops were placed around the outside of the reception area for guests to take with them as tokens of thanks for participating in the couple's big day. 

With Jordan and Clark being fans of all things owl, the birds were found in little touches all over the room, in the confetti on the tables, the cake and other charming ways. The tables were done up in soft dove gray table cloths, with yellow cloth napkins accenting the gray. Rustic mason jars were on the tables, and chair covers gave a perfect final touch to the decor. 

Jordan's mother in law had the flowers for the tables made at a local florist, and with the lemons and limes they were the perfect addition to the reception's decor. 

Jordan fully utilized the vendors on Etsy, getting many small detail items like the personalized koozies, sugar cubes shaped like owls, the cake topper and many, many other items from the online handmade catalogue. 

In the end, Jordan and Clark look back on their day with fond memories, warmed hearts, and the knowledge that every detail helped tell the story of their love and journey to find each other. Two who were once one become whole, the beginning of a beautiful family. All who know them rejoiced at their joining and that they had truly achieved their happily ever after. 

We are always honored when selected by a bride to take on her floral needs. It is an amazing feeling to know that our flowers we love so much, help tell the story of a couple's love and joining on one of the most important days of their life. 

We want to thank Jordan for allowing us to tell her sweet story, and for letting us showcase the beautiful flowers we created for her. She has truly been a customer we enjoy working with, and we more importantly have begun calling a friend. 

We'd also like to thank Jordan's photographer, Shannon Isereau of Rae of Life Photography for these incredible photos, and give them full credit for the photos shown in the blog. Jordan is a HUGE fan of Shannon's work, saying that without her amazing talent none of these beautiful photos would have been possible. She goes on to say that Shannon captured so many great moments throughout the day, and that thanks to Rae of Life she is able to vividly remember the day because of these fabulous photos!

We hope you have enjoyed meeting Jordan and hearing her story. We would love to create a custom bridal package for you as well! For more information on Bridal Packages, contact us at:


Visit our website for more photos of our work!

Written by Ashley Pope
Accounts/Media Specialist


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