Sunday, August 29, 2010

My flowers I made for CK Convention

So this was suppose to be a hair piece...well that's how I sketched out this project! I had every intention to put it in my hair but when I woke up the morning of the convention I was very tired and did not crawl out of bed until 8:30am. It didn't leave me much time to find the heavy duty hair clip I needed for this. So I just used the stick pin I made for it to stick it to my shirt. I'm glad that it worked out that way because I got so many compliments! I handed a lot of business cards out..YAY! This was my first time burning the fabric. I do have to say I did catch one of the fabric pieces on fire..LMBO! When everything was being put together for this piece I really liked how the fabric turned out. I'm so excited to make more. I might market them to the brides out there for weddings.....hmm.....ideas, ideas, ideas!! Here is my video of it before I went to convention.


  1. Very cool!! I love the sprays you have on your blog below also.. Tons of talent!!! I wish you luck with them..
    hugs, Janiel

  2. Playing with fabric is nice but sometimes the fiber contention just isn't what you thought and they burn a bit differently than one expected. It isn't once or twice I've gotten something to burst in flames in our living room :D