Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rusty Bucket - Sept. MPTS Challenge

Hello everyone!
Well, it's that time again, to show off my piece I did for
I really wanted to challenge the girls and make them think outside of the box.
When I came up with "The Rusty Bucket" I knew it was going to set some of them outside their comfort zone. I think stepping out of our comfort zone sometimes allows us to create things that we never knew we had in us! I really enjoy how well our design team meshes. Everyone one of us has a different look but it works. I feel if everyone created the same way we would have nothing to offer that sets us apart from the rest. Every month that we have been doing these challenges, I'm always surprised! I really enjoy seeing every one's work when it arrives in my email. They totally motivate me and bring a smile to my face! Thank you girls for being such an awesome design team. I couldn't have asked for better team players!

My project I visioned an old rusting bucket sitting on a farm somewhere. It looks old and abused by labor of our ancestors. It was probably used for many types of things on the farm. It would help carry the feed to the animals. It was also used to bring the milk in from the cows. Sometimes it was often used for a wash bucket. My bucket's life brought ease to our ancestors and the rust that it wears today,'s like a badge of honor!


  1. I love it!! The beauty is in your details1 Tiny mag cover, sweet hat, tiny charming!

  2. Love all the detail in this! You are an inspiration!

  3. Beautiful artwork Anna,

    it really represent what "rusty bucket" and farm life is all about!!!
    Even washing dirty dishes!!!LOL!!!

    I'm loving it!!!

  4. This looks awesome Anna! You are sucha great team leader and I'm so happy to be apart of MPTS. Your talent amazes me!

  5. Great challenge this month!! I love the farm life image and all of the colors you used!

  6. Anna this is beautiful! I love your color choices, and the vintage images. What a great challenge! Thanks so much for the inpiration!

  7. Thanks for choosing to follow my blog. Great art here--I'm a follower of yours now too! I love the name of your Design Team. What fun!

  8. Anna, your project for the challenge is gorgeous.