Monday, March 7, 2011

Gratitude Monday

Last night something stuck me to watch the "Secret". I had heard a lot of people talking about it but I hadn't found the time to watch it. After reading the list of Oprah's 20 things she knew for sure, it got me thinking and wondering. It's funny how things happen sometimes. Someone sends you a link thinking you might like it and the next thing you know that link has sent you to another link and so on. Then you are reading and watching stuff that makes you wonder how you got there in the first place...hmmm.
Maybe it's a law of attraction, as they would say in the "Secret". I begin to wonder if this could really work. What really is the harm in finding out? It's way better than sitting around thinking about negative stuff and letting that slow you down (been there and done that).

So, I wanted to start something new on my blog and see where it takes me. I want to start doing "Gratitude Mondays". Why Monday, you ask? Well, let's think about that for a moment. Monday starts the week out for all of us. It decides how the rest of the week will go along. Mondays you are face with a different week than last week. Mondays are like a new beginning. You start out not knowing how the rest of the week will work for you. I always dreaded Mondays, not sure why. I just did. I looked at them as "oh boy, here we go again", lol. Now I want to try something new and think of Mondays as " WOW! This week is going to be great and it will bring something new! I really feel as though if you take Monday by the hand with a positive attitude it will bring you a pleasant week. Lets try this and see how different our week goes!

I want to start my week out by writing one thing I'm grateful for every Monday. Maybe by me sharing what I'm grateful for with others it might start a chain reaction! You never know unless you try, which I have heard all my!

Monday Gratitude:
I'm thankful for waking up this morning to a bright and cheerful sun. The sun brings so much to us and without it, well, I don't even want to imagine it! I love the sun hitting me in the face as I enter the bathroom. My window is in a perfect spot so it will catch the morning sun just right and shine right on you as you enter. The sun also brings the wonderful music of birds which I love. The sun brings so much to us that I'm totally going to start this week off by being thankful that it was shinning so bright for me this morning! So I ask you, what are you grateful for? Really think about it and let it manifest into something positive for you today and you will be doing your part in making your week start in a positive one!  

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  1. What a great idea Anna! I too believe in positive thinking.