Thursday, March 10, 2011

Motivational Scrap - Cleaning out the junk in your head!

Before I can teach how to create some of these beautiful flowers, we need to do some cleaning! I call it, cleaning out the junk in your head. We are all creatures of habit and we need to break some of the rules we have stored in our thinking process. The first thing is no negative thinking! I know you are saying to yourself that is easier said than done. That's right and we are going to start in small steps.

If you think you can't, you already failed! You can condition yourself to break the habit of "I can't do that". Stop thinking "I don't have the talent like she does" WRONG!! I have talent like everyone who believes that they can do this! Talent is just a positive outcome. Talent isn't somethng that only certain people have. Everyone has talent and we just have to learn how to unlock it!

The first step in cleaning out our junk, is to keep score. This is probably the only time I will have you focus on negative thoughts. Today I will need you to get a sheet paper and pen. Put it some where you can get to it easy. On this paper you will be keeping score of your thoughts BUT only the negative ones! Every time you have a negative thought I want you to put a mark. I DO NOT want you to write out the negative thought. The reason is the more we see negative the more we will find negative. So the marks are just marks and that is the only thing that should be on the paper. Do not write a title on the paper, do not have anything else but your marks. Keep this to yourself and don't let anyone know what you are doing. This is a private list only for you to see!  I want you to keep score for 5 days. Each day start a new sheet but keep all your old sheets.

You might be asking why I'm having you keep score. Our  minds are train to see what we want to see. If  I told you to look all around for only the color yellow in the room, you would find it. Now, I'm going to ask you to shut your eyes and when you do I will ask you to tell me what was red in the room. I bet you would have a hard time telling me what was red in the room. This goes back to the saying...if you think of positive things, positive things will happen to you. When we focus on negative thoughts our minds are trained to find the negative things around us, making us believe that we attract negative things to us. WE DO..LOL. because we told our mind to find them! We will focus on that some more on another day right now I need you to keep score!

Every time you think of words like this: can't, forever, never, will not, "Oh Boy", WHAT!, no, couldn't and the list goes on.... make a mark on your sheet. The first day you will probably be marking your sheet a lot. The goal here is that each day that passes you should be marking on your sheet less then the previous day. THAT'S OUR GOAL!
This is our first step to thinking positive. If we don't start training ourselves to think positive then we can not produce positive outcomes!


  1. I think your flowers are Gorgeous!!! I would absolutely Love to learn how to make them, I am so looking forward to being able to watch your tutorials.

  2. Im am so going to try this Anna,(Keep Score).
    X :-)