Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Morning Monday!

As I sip on my cup of coffee this morning, I'm trying to sort out what to do first! I have to say that in the last month I have learned a lot about what path I want to travel down. Some times in life it doesn't feel as though you have a choice what path to take but you do! That was the hardest thing to learn and to actually feel it inside that you have the choice to do any thing you want to do! I really try hard to not look at things half empty but lately in the last couple of years that was my outlook. Sad, but true! Should I feel bad about the choices I have made in the past...nope! That's just another reason to hold on to some thing negative and not give some thing positive a chance to form in my life. Now a days I feel as though people take life WAY TOO serious! The hassle of "life" is what I read on some one's profile over the weekend and I thought " least you are a". The very next moment I thought "hey, wait a minute, I think I have actually said that before"! I felt as though I was having a conversation with myself??? LOL...don't call the crazy bus yet, I think there is still hope for me!
My path had a fork in the road just recently and I had to make several hard choices but in the end it always works out! Just remember that every path has rest stops and exit ramps. Just in case the person next to you read the map!

So, today I sit here at my work station and try to be thankful that I actually have a chance to create and make some flowers. I made a flower spray set late last night after everyone went to sleep. I kind of like making these. They give you several options how to use them. The sprays are great to put on a card as well. So if you break the set up you can get a few projects out of it. The set also allows you to spread out the flowers across a two page layout, if you want to use them that way. It's like a large spray that has been broken up. 

This set should be listed by this afternoon on my blog. I need to organize a page for items I want to sell on my blog. Trying to just sell my items on my blog instead going through a third party. It's another way to save money! That will also be on my "to do" list today as well ;)

I hope everyone has a creative Monday!

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  1. hello Anna, really enjoyed the ustream and will check out the rest of your site. thank you for being so helpful.