Saturday, May 7, 2011

Her name is Shaylee.....

This little shabby home actually has a name. She was blessed with the name Shaylee. Her name means fairy princess of the fields.

The fairies built this little house when they came to the mainland to bring spring. This house is a reminder that when we age we are actually blossoming into something beautiful!

Here is what I did to get the weathered look on the house.

I painted the house with a base coat of soft pink. After allowing the paint to dry I applied the weathered wooden medium to the house.
I waited about an hour and applied the soft blue paint over the medium.
It started to crack right away1

I then used a brown paint to coat the roof of the house. After the paint dried I applied the weather wood medium over top of it. After waiting about an hour I coated the roof with a vanilla cream color.
I really like the weathered look of the house. It gives it a shabby chic look.

I then created some flowers, leaves, and added a few rhinestones!

I hope I have motivated you to get your houses out and create with them! I have a very fun project I will post tomorrow. It's the mother's Day project I did for my mom. I will show you some before and after pictures too!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!



  1. Holy Cow, This is stunning. Very beautiful. Love it. :D

  2. Really awesome, Anna! Would love to take some time and make one too.... You rock, girl!!!

  3. WOW Anna, these are simply beautiful!

  4. This is wonderful, Anna. I can see it in a picture window with 2 or 3 more?

  5. This is so pretty-I love using crackle medium :) and your flowers are beautiful :)x

  6. It's very pretty, I love the color combo...