Saturday, December 31, 2011

Altered Baby Food Jar

I'm at my mom's house taking a small break before the New Year gets here. A much needed break if I say so myself..LOL. I jumped in front of the computer for some inspiration and surfed the internet. I ran across some altered bottles on Pinterest. It totally jumped started my gears and I was on a mission to sneak around my mom's craft room to find some..hehehe ;)

I found a large Beechnut Baby Food bottle and knew right away it didn't have a chance in the world to escape the wonderfulness that I was getting ready to do to it..LOL

The flowers I used on the top came from the small local mom and pop craft store in town. They had a huge bag (48pcs) 2" mulberry flowers for $4.99. I couldn't pass them up! I got a couple of bags.

I knew that the main color I was going to work with was purple, since I wanted to play with my new flowers I got. I always start out with a baggie and walk around the room filling it with things that coordinate with the color and theme I pick out for my projects. It makes a world of difference when you do this :)

I wanted to create a fairy bottle but my mom's printer isn't working so I made a captured garden..LOL. One that you could enjoy all year long! I like the look of the raffia tied around the top of the jar. I think it gives it a lot of character.

The "G" on the side of the bottle is for "Grace" my mom's name :)
I figured since she is going to be moving and packing up all her craft goodies real soon, she should be able to have some thing that she can leave out and enjoy. It's really small and doesn't take up much room at all..hint..hint.. I hope she gets the hint and doesn't put it in storage!! Or else..LOL.

Well, I hope everyone had a good year and that the new year brings you many blessings and happiness!
See you next year ;)


  1. Beatiful! I love the roses too :)

    Have a happy New Year!

  2. Anna, brain is gear all the cute.TFS

  3. Oh MY...that is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!

  4. Absolutely Gorgeous!


  5. OOOOAAAAA,frumoasa,pretioasa,felicitari

  6. What a beautiful creation from a simple little jar. You are truly very talented.
    Welcome to Swirlyville. Hope you feel right at home. See you around....