Sunday, January 8, 2012

If you don't believe in you, no one else can!

My blog title pretty much sums up what I need to start doing this year! The last two years have been a little rough but nothing that killed me, right? This year I have set some goals that I need to keep up with. I just dug out another comp book to start writing in. Of course I need to dress it up a little bit ;) 

I really need to take the time to get reacquainted with myself. I think my first page should start off asking myself these questions:
-What are my strengths?
-What is my passion?
-What is special and unique about me?

Before I can embark on these new adventures that have been given to me, I really have to find out what "Anna" is all about. Where do I see myself going...??. I have almost felt as though I have been in a daze for a long time...and I mean a really long time! Now that my life is changing I need to do some evaluation on "Anna".
"Me" more than anyone has to believe that I can succeed, right? If you don't believe in yourself, no one else can! How can I even start to vision the paths that I want to travel down if I can't believe that I can walk down them! Self-doubt is one of the reasons that I have been in a daze and haven't been able to see clearly. I have to be able to trust my instincts and abilities without constantly second guessing myself.

Maybe it's time for some of you to break out a journal with me and start answering some of these questions too! Good luck....

"Take the chances necessary to achieve your dreams. My mother always told me, "Leap and the net will appear"  -Tamara Monosoff 


  1. I hear ya girl and I think you are right ....lets write and rock

  2. and we're right here beside you. Sounds like a wonderful challenge to join in.

    We all get caught up in the crappy or day to day aspects in life and let the "bad" stuff overwhelm and take over what is important to us as individual people in this world. We need to learn to stop being critical of our work especially when others see so much beauty and value in what we do. Take chances and perservere even when obstacle s get in the way... We all deserve to live our dreams. Let's all break out the journals...


  3. forgot to say...... Glad to see you blogging again!!! YEAHHHHHHH!!!