Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shedding her tough skin

I was such a tom boy was I was younger. I was the one girl who was NOT afraid of the boys! Let one of those boys mess with one of my friends, well, he would have been scared the next day to walk back in class..LOL. Tough as a rock and never would let my guard down. I didn't like pink and never was about dressing up. I wouldn't sit still long enough for ANYONE to mess with my hair, let alone paint my nails! I was too busy climbing trees and defending our fort from the boys. They were always trying to steal our stuff. 

Well, I have to say that little girl started shedding her tough skin and found a passion that she never thought was there. Making flowers for some is a hobby or a thought of the day idea for most. To me, I have learned so much about myself. This, for me, is a passion. I truly have to say that making these flowers takes me to a place where I get to know myself better. There is nothing better than sitting and sculpting paper into something beautiful. It's almost as if all the beauty I was guarding from others comes out in my flowers when I create them. My guard is still up high and is a constant battle to tear down.
Maybe this is something I was meant to do to help myself in other areas of my life.

I could write a book...lol. The lessons of making paper flowers! :)  Well, for now let me just show you a few thigns I have been working on.

I started to create large roses. Which I actually got to look right and love them on the stems! My fav so far! There was a bit of trouble trying to get the stamens to look right in the larger roses. The bigger the rose the higher the centers were and the stamens are only so tall. I got it and I think they look great!

I also worked on a few frames over the weekend. I wanted to put some in my shop but the ones I made sold before I ever go them listed. Here is one that I got a picture of:

These frames make a great gift and they would look super cute at a wedding with the bride and groom's picture in it! Display it on the table along with a book for people to write comments to the couple wishing the well with the life they will share. My mind goes wild with ideas for decorating with my flowers. 

Well, I hope to share some more flowers with you soon! I have a few special orders that are turning out to be very pretty and can't wait to share with you all!
Enjoy your week! 


  1. You are such a wonderful talented young Lady! Love your work it is STUNNING!

    Hugs, Letty

  2. Anna you truly inspire me, I love your work cuz your flowers make a statement of what beautiful person you really are. And it puts a big smile on my face when I look at. What you have created for all of us, your followers <3

  3. I don't often comment on your posts, but I'm always here. Tom boy or not (I don't do pink either) I find making flowers relaxing. I may not make my flowers to your skill level, but we all must look up to someone!! Anna, if you wrote a book, I would buy it. I want to come to your classes but simply can't seem to find the time. I don't have the patience either to sit thru videos. I rarely watch t.v. because of my impatience. But I would buy any book you cared to make about creating paper flowers.

  4. Irma in CaliforniaJune 27, 2012 at 1:55 PM

    Anna, I discovered your blog early this month, and just love your flowers. I, too, was a tom boy growing up, and I find myself amazed at the beautiful work I do myself. I grew up when there was a separate boys and girls club and, would sit outside the girls club door, because I didnt want to waste my time doing those "girly boring crafts!" I wanted to run wild with my male brothers and cousins! My only explanation is like yours, I guess I just want to create beautiful things! Keep up with your work, and musings.

  5. Anna,

    I just paid for the class...It is under my daughter Rebekah's name....she paid for it...I live in Camden NJ...so this is me....can't wait.


  6. Wow stunning flowers. I luv these pretty beautiful creation.


  7. You are beyond talented!! Your sense of color coordinating is amazing!

    I was wondering if the class kits have mailed out yet? I am so eager to get it!

  8. Anna. you are tough when you need to be and seem soft and sweet as well. Your talents will be what sustains you through thick and thin. You are beautiful and so generous to share your talents with us all, there is nothing like an Anna flower to brighten my day, to see all the new color combos. shapes, all so delicate and amazing. You would never know a tomboy made these, lol.

    TY Anna for sharing with us through classes and videos!