Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A little history....

Thought I would share a little history on paper flowers that I found very interesting!

It is believed that the art of paper flowers came from China almost 2,000 years ago. WOW....that's a long time ago. They would use paper flowers for religious offerings which would float in containers of water. After time went on they would make them for creative channels for meditation. 

In Victorian days women would create paper flowers when the real ones were out of season. They used paper flowers to decorate several rooms in their home. It was also a favorite pastime for women of that era since they were very limited on social activities. 

Even though paper flowers are time consuming I feel that they are less expensive than real flowers and last a lot longer. Above is a vintage photo of lady selling paper flowers at a local fair. Maybe we are relative?? LOL. 

Well, thought I would share a little history on paper flowers. I hope you are enjoying you holiday. Stay safe and enjoy the fireworks!



  1. Happy July 4th Anna...

    Love the story about the paper flowers...It is time consuming, but also therapeutic for


  2. Anything u can tell us/me about flowers,I sure would love 2 hear.

  3. hey Anna,

    I totally enjoyed that little piece of history who would have thought LOL!!! Ok now onto bigger and better things when is your next flower class hehehe. I was on our pinterest yesterday and omygosh girl I seen theones you did for graphic45 and i was just dying they are stinking fab. Also, if i remember right you design for Mcgill right? If so can you please tell me where to fo to buy there punches Joanns only has a few of them but not actual flower ones. thank you girly, Anna

    1. Hey Anna,
      I will send you an email :)