Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Witches Ball

It's that time again, for all the witches to start brewing up some devilish potions for Halloween. Let me take you to their drawing board of inspiration for their next ball. 

Did you get one of these in the mail? You didn't! Oh man you need to head on over to SweetlyScrappedArt and get some before they are all gone! Our witches are using these for special invites for their guest at their ball. On the back they have wrote the date and time when this wicked event starts!

Looks inviting doesn't it? Well, lets not get to warm and fuzzy just yet. Never judge a door by the outside. It's whats behind the door that you should worry about! Hehehe...(laughing in my witchy voice)

Once we saw children outside playing and now we have found out the hard way what happened, YIKES!

Be careful if she offers you tea. Looks like that bottle doesn't have any cobwebs on it. That means only one thing! It's new and she is waiting for a chance to use it on someone.

WAIT! Watch your step. Oh no..this must have been the one they were talking about. Yes, that's right, she is the one that tried to clean the house by making a special potion for the dust bunnies. Well, looks like that back fired! We heard that the dust bunnies were so angry at her for asking them to clean up after themselves, that they tried pulling her down to their level to taste the dust!   

Wow....where is molly maid when you need them! I wonder how big this spider is that has taken up residency here in the chandelier. 

Lets see what is waiting for us out back where the ball will be held.

Looks like guest are already arriving to the event. 

Here is a photo of some of their guest from their last ball. Unfortunately, none of them will be showing up this year. The last time anyone see them was when they were posing for this photo. Hmmm....

This is where they will be serving up all kinds of one of kind never to be seen again treats! 

Creepy but cute!

Wonder what happen to the horses? Don't look too close at what they serve you for the main course. 

Well, I have my costume for this deathly event! You can find it here at Glamtastik
 How about you? May I suggest a few...

Dress by AliceAndWillow


Dress by Glamtastik

Let see who is the talk of the town after this party!

Don't forget your accessories

Necklace by DebraDane

Poison ring, a must at these types of events!

Made by ShablulitShop

After seeing all this inspiration, I do suggest that you and I stick together at this ball. 

Until next time....

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