Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Classic Romance

I just love Etsy! It's not only where you can find my beautiful handmade paper flowers but much more treasures that have been handmade by others too! I love creating treasuries on Etsy. It's something I love to do when I'm at work, waiting for the phone to ring. 

Here is a treasury that I created called: A Classic Romance 
I love vintage and love to see people use it in their weddings. 

My beautiful Elizabeth Roses that are created in the cream with the brown v\centers are perfect for your vintage wedding scene. 

Here are a few of the items I included in my treasury on Etsy:

These lovely place cards can be found at ParchmentPosies
They have such a wonderful vintage feel to them and I love the flower print on the cards.

 Burlap! Love it for a vintage wedding. When I saw these invitations that had been printed on burlap, I had to feature them on my treasury. These can be found at HelloLoveBoutique 

How cute are these! Love the details on these cookies. Not only great for wedding treats but also great for birthdays and other events! these are also great to add to gift baskets for the holidays too. These wonderful cookies can be found at SugarMeDesserterie

Please visit my treasury HERE to see more great items! Some items are sold out and have been removed due to inventory. So, hurry and visit it while the items last. 

Hope everyone has a fab week!
See you back here tomorrow with some more great finds and beautiful flowers! 


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