Monday, November 11, 2013

The Knot's Industrial Gala 2013

Wow! It feels like ages since I blogged! So many wonderful things are happening for me that I don't know where to start, hmmm.. lets start with the "The Knot" Industrial Gala.

My wonderful friend Brian Worley sent me a message a few months ago and asked if I would want to help him with an art installation that he was planning for the gala. I'm so glad that he couldn't see me when I got the message. I was doing a very outrageous happy dance. I had a very rough summer and this is what I needed to get my passion back for making fabulous paper flowers. When we talked on the phone I had that "oh my goodness this is not happening to me, am I dreaming?" feeling but keeping my cool like always LOL. We hammered out the details and we were on cloud 9.

The designs and linens he wanted to use were fabulous. A recipe for success! That was not the only thing that was fabulous about this event. The location was too. The New York City Public Library on Madison Ave! What! Where! Are you sure??? LOL  now I knew that I was either dreaming or on one of those candid camera shows. 

After the shock wore off, I got to work and we started making magic! I kept laughing to myself, "how in the world am I going to get these there?" There was NO WAY I was going to run the risk of mailing these flower to New York and they get lost or damaged. So, I made the decision to drive. A decision I would later regret!

We packed up the car with all the flowers, tools and everything else that I might have needed to assemble the bouquets when I got there. It was very humorous, think of a clown car with at least 8 people in it. We were on the road to NY and I was getting very nervous. There were a lot of  "first times" for me about this trip. I had never done large bouquets like this before, this was my first time going to NY and my first time meeting Brian in person! So butterflies were dancing in my stomach. 
We finally got to NY and then the nightmare of driving really hit home LOL. I can't even describe what happened to us. Not only was that a mad house of dysfunctional traffic but our street was blocked off for a parade that was scheduled for the next morning. Instead of the hotel parking us we had to park ourselves. We finally found a parking garage that was several blocks away BUT WAIT... how were we going to get the stuff to the hotel. Another humorous moment. I really could write a book on the adventures of Anna and New York. It would keep you laughing for ages :) 

The next day was much better! We slept in glitter and I actually think we might have ingested some too! Our hotel room was covered in glitter. I was up late the previous night hanging out a window and glitter blasting some flowers. It was definitely in the air of New York City that night! This is what our hotel room looked like while we were assembling the bouquets. 

It was almost show time! 

You can find more wonderful photos from the event by clicking HERE!

I have to take a moment to thank Brian Worley for giving me this opportunity. Not only is he a wonderful client to work with but he has become a wonderful friend and mentor. I also got the pleasure of meeting his wonderful sister and mother, which I adore as well! 
Brian and I are back at it again, working on some thing special for the people who love DIY books. So keep checking back for more of our adventures and what we have in store for you!  

Photo below:
My Mother (Grace Walters), Brian Worley, and ME! :) 

Photography Credit: Carla Ten Eyck

Don' forget to check out this wonderful video of the Gala by "I Do" films

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  1. Wow you are one seriously talented lady! Totally gorgeous! Louise xx