Saturday, June 18, 2011

What the buzz is about!

Since I have been doing my UStream shows I have noticed that the best part of it all is teaching!
I have had so many people contact me and asked me to please do detailed classes on my flowers. I wasn't able to start doing these classes until now. I'm super excited about this adventure and I appreciate every one's supporting comments about doing these classes. Not only do I love creating these flowers but I love teaching others how to do it!

Right now I have a beginner tool class scheduled. This is my official start to the courses. This class I'm offering the tools and you are getting one of my classes for free. I have had a lot of people ask me where I get my tools and could I make a kit up for them.

In this class we will be going over the tools and how they work. This kit comes with a paper flower punch to get you started on the basic flowers. The first night we will be getting use to the terms of the tools and certain basic techniques they can achieve. The second night we will be creating some flowers with the punch that is provided. This is a beginner's class. You need to know the basics to be able to achieve the realistic look of my flowers. I highly recommend taking this class before you move onto my other classes.

My classes will be scored by stars (1-star: beginner class up to 4-stars: Elite)
I do not recommend you attending a 4 star class if this is your first time trying to create paper flowers!!
Some of my classes will have an optional add-on kit to purchase. Every class will have a supply list emailed to you after you sign up!

These classes will be private and you will get your password emailed to you or sent to you if you buy a kit (will be printed on the invoice). After the class you will have two weeks to go back and view the classes. These classes are under copy right notice. In no way can you take the information and package it for resale! These classes are personal use only!

We also have a ning site, in the site is a private area for our students to share their work and discuss classes. Once you sign up for a class you will be invited to join the private area on the ning site.


  1. Thanks Anna I will love to learn how to make these beautiful flowers. Thanks for every thing.

  2. Wowzer these flowers are you sell them?

  3. Hi Anna, Love your work. I read you were not going to do kits for international viewers but will we be able to watch your U-Stream classes? I would hate to miss out.

  4. Wow! Your flowers are amazing!

  5. Hello my name is Dekida Hamler and I ordered your flower making kit. I saw that you were mailing kits out on the 25th and I have not received mines yet. Please contact me asap. I'm worried!!!!!!

  6. I could not find any other way to cantact you and I had to close my facebook account.